A Birth Story: The Eyes of the Lord…

Our next story comes from a friend that I knew briefly in college but who has been a life long friend of my two sisters-in-law. She is the cutest little momma and, like many of us, is a birth story junkie. Here is her sweet story of having her third child. Enjoy!

Kate’s birth story, like most things in life, is a little different than I planned or expected, yet tells in such a way to give God the most glory, that man may take no confidence in self or the world. I am truly thankful for the way He unfolded this story to glorify Himself and do a much needed work in our hearts. My prayer is that in writing out Kate’s story God may be further glorified as we etch these truths on our hearts, never to be forgotten, always to stand as witness to His faithfulness, sovereignty, and sufficiency in every step ahead. Oh Lord keep us humble, keep our eyes on you, our voices praising You alone, our hearts trusting You alone. To God be the glory forever and ever, amen.

Well Kate Alison is our third gracious gift from God. We were first un-deservingly entrusted with Audrey almost four years ago, and Peter two years later. We were blessed as well to have 2 safe home-births for both of them. I knew I wanted to do natural birth for reasons we can discuss another time, but felt promoted by the Lord that I needed wise, godly counsel in labor and someone trained to help me have a natural birth successfully… So we went the midwife/home-birth route with both of them. Now after two births, we have come to really love home-birth! I love everything about it, minus the pain, of course. Midwives speaking wise godly counsel into me when my heart wavers, surrendering to the Lord’s time table for labor, my husband at my side coaching me along with tender support and prayer, the uninterrupted bonding with baby, the physical and emotional comfort of home when you feel your worst, the quiet and freedom to set the tone for your birth as quiet dependency upon the Lord, etc etc. You get the picture. Therefore we looked to do Kate’s birth at home as well. But after two other births, I had some ideas of how I wanted to do this birth differently to endure better and treasure it more. The athlete and perfectionist in me always wants to improve!  Truthfully as well, we do not know if Kate is our last baby, so we wanted no regrets. Anything I might wish or wonder about, I decided to just do it!

I had new plans for music, photographers, water-birth, best friends and family present, and hopefully speeding up labor! First, we planned a birth photographer so that I could have a vivid memory of this amazing experience of childbirth to remember forever in case we were truly closing this chapter of our lives. We wanted to forever remember the way God finishes what I cannot, and the simple miracle of life that screams Glory to God! We planned for a professional photographer friend to come from Tyler, but had another amazing servant-hearted friend close by if things went too fast. I was really excited about this since I loooove watching other birth slideshows and could not imagine how amazing it would be to have my own!! Second, we planned for water-birth. Weird to many I know, but I had never tried it, heard it felt amazing in labor, and wanted no regrets. So we got the tub, practiced the connections, and started mentally envisioning giving birth in the birth pool. I didn’t feel I had to do it, and knew I might not even like it, but wanted to try lest I miss out on something amazing! Third, we planned to use music during the whole birth. I had made “birth playlists” with the other two births, yet never used them beyond pre or early labor. Audrey’s birth was so intense, and Peter’s was crazy juggling 2-year-old Audrey and driving to appointments in the car. We could have used music but just forgot in the moment. I was determined this time! I’d seen so many moms worshiping the Lord during labor with music and letting the lyrics wash truth and peace over them to carry them on. So I made a compelling upbeat mix and a slow mix, since I know the intense parts of labor I just needed something really calming. I listened to these playlists all the time the months before birth and used them to prepare my heart … Resting in the biblical truths that steady my heart, focusing my heart on His glory rather than my success, visualizing labor and believing in faith that He would sustain me and deliver me from fear. Fourth, we planned to help my typical loooooong labors hurry up by walking more in labor, visiting the chiropractor in early labor, and staying up and down more during labor. Audrey’s labor was 58 hours of transition-like prodromal labor with no sleep or food until her surprise arrival as my midwife pulled up. Peter’s was a slow steady 29 hours, but either way I was hopping to have my baby the same day I went into labor this time! Lastly, we planned for two of my best friends and our two kids to be present at birth. I felt like it would be a special family moment to share together if the kids could manage it. I planned all kinds of special tricks, toys, movies, and activities to keep them peacefully entertained at the house. My two very best friends were coming to care for the kids during active labor and share this sweet huge life moment together. Initially I planned them to care for the kids but the closer we got the more I just wanted them there to share the moment with me in prayer and praise to God! Beside Jesus and my husband, there is nobody holding me up more in this race of faith than these two ladies. Naturally, it would be a sweet comfort to have them present in labor, like Paul and Jesus were comforted to have their closest friends present in moments of greatest need. So you see, all great well-intentioned and pure hearted plans, but even the best plans are not always His plans. We may expect victory or success to look one way, when in truth He is most glorified in our weakness, neediness, and nothingness. He may have just as well chosen to be glorified by all these things being present, but that was not His plan for Kate’s birth, and His ways are always best.

So now we get to the action… Which started Sunday the 19th. I had been having light painful contractions for a few weeks but at this point I started having other signs like mucus plug, random more painful contractions, diarrhea, etc. I got excited and began doing all I could to go into labor … Walking, running, pineapple, spicy foods, mentally letting go, abiding and worshiping continually, reading and resting in my birth verses daily, Chiropractic, and more.

I really wanted baby Kate to come early for several scheduling reasons but primarily because my best friend left town June 22-27th, yet I was due June 22nd. We began asking in faith just like a child has full freedom to ask their dad for anything! They don’t get everything but there is a sweet child right to have your father’s ear that is such an indescribable undeserved gift! We were all hopeful and excited, but when time passed with no baby I was extremely disappointed that the Lord didn’t bring Kate when she was in town. I just wanted this birth to be perfect and it felt incomplete without her. I had felt led to ask simply like a child for an early baby, but didn’t know what to do when the call to exercise faith didn’t mean He would do it. I was grumpy and discontent to the Lord. As I worked through this in prayer God patiently beckoned me to let go and walk in true faith. It became clear that faith is to believe and ask freely as child, WITHOUT entitlement. In that moment when Dad said no, it was telling of my heart. When He said no I needed to eat my own words to Audrey and “say yes sir with a happy heart, and trust Him.” God gently prodded my heart to consider the sweet joy and privilege of faith. As a child of God, I have unmerited access and right to ask, and that access is almost sweeter than getting what I wanted. The security and intimacy is irreplaceable. To complain would be simply ungrateful, unloving, and disrespectful to my Daddy. I had my ugly heart moment and chose to let go and choose to respect and to love my perfect Father who doesn’t make mistakes. This was the first shift from my original plan, but clearly He was speaking to us about un-entitled faith, confidence in the access and His character instead of specified outcomes, treasuring relationship with Him over blessings, choosing love and respect over abiding in disappointment. So He willed Kate to come late to teach us this sweet truth, and deliver me from an un-submissive, distrusting, entitled heart. So I let go of the day I had planned for His better plan.

Even so this work took all those 5 days to take root. I found myself subconsciously not wanting to do anything that might cause labor until Monday (when my friend came home), which is more manipulation than trust in God. Daily I battled this and asked for grace to help me just walk in step with the Spirit, obedient to whatever He led me to do that day, whether it was running 7 miles and taking the kids to the park or laying down all day resting. These last days were sweet, savoring each minute with my kids and husband, knowing I was not going to be able to devote myself like that to them for a while.

Saturday my heart felt promoted to run, so I ran my normal 7 miles at the gym and that evening the contractions started. They were strong enough to slow me down, but I could keep moving. We got excited that this might be labor starting, frantically cleaned the house, started timing contractions… And then I FREAKED OUT. Panic came over my heart. I did NOT want to do childbirth! I now remembered how hard it was and wished for a way out, but there was none. Baby Kate had to come out and I needed to accept there was no way to escape that task. I also panicked because I have a fear of nights from past years of insomnia. I feared having to do the hardest part of labor at night and found myself telling the Lord, “I can do early labor at night like I did with Peter, but I can’t do transition or pushing at night. Lord, I don’t want to do that!” I knew this was not godly thinking but struggled to steady my emotions. I was also panicking that my best friend wasn’t back yet to be my present prayer support. Colin(husband) spoke with me and reminded me of what is true … “Kate has to come out eventually. You’ve done this before, and you can do this again. The Lord is in control, and if it’s at night He will strengthen you.” Then I called my best friend and she prayed over me affirming that The Lord was clearly speaking to not fear night labor. She prayed many scriptures reminding me of God’s biblical track record of leading, protecting, and strengthening His people in the night. She also reminded me how He never left us in our darkest nights of insomnia, fear, and spiritual attack. If He was with us then, then He would be with me now. I had been afraid of being alone, not having Nat and Sav there, but this reminded me I needed to trust in God NOT man. I had used Colin as a crutch to my unbelief in my past season of insomnia and did not want to do that now. I needed to deeply treasure the support He provides in the Body of Christ, BUT not require it to trust Him. That would not be faith. So I let go of when Kate would come and who could be present.

The next part of my plan to go was the length of labor. Those contractions that started Saturday evening never went away fully till Kate was born Wednesday night(yes that’s 4 solid days). During the day they were 12-15 mins apart and at night 25-30 mins apart. These were mild enough to keep going mostly, but painful enough to slightly drive me mad with the indefinite constant pain and minimal sleep in 20-minute increments at best. It was the weekend so I couldn’t see my chiropractor to speed it up that way. I felt prompted by the Lord to rest fully laying down only sat-sun, which was NOT my plan. Exercise, walking, or moving did not start active labor but just would move my misery from 20 mins apart to 12-15 mins apart to no avail. I tried to rest to conserve energy for the real thing, since I had no idea how many days we’d do this prodromal labor. The nights were the worst! The contractions were much more painful laying down. I would sleep in small increments, praise God, but eventually got up early because my back, groin, and glutes were burning from working all night. Each night they got even stronger till Sunday night I didn’t even stay in my bed. Sunday and Monday night I slept sitting straight up on my couch because that took the edge off the muscle burn so it was more just cervix pain. Each night I chose gratitude that I was getting some sleep, and that they were farther apart than Audrey’s prodromal labor. But as they got stronger, my heart grew tired of the undefined end to all this. Each morning I clung to the birth bible verses I had written on cards and listened to my slow birth mix. My body and heart felt battered, but the songs and scriptures were like balm to a wound or bread to an empty aching stomach. He nourished my soul to carry me on with unshakable peace. Here are just some scriptures/songs that ministered the most to me…

Psalm 23: My eyes and heart were glued to this truth Saturday after my first long night of contractions. I woke exhausted, stiff, and achy yet found an oasis for my soul in Psalm 23. I began the morning singing Shane & Shane’s Psalm 23 over and over. I kept meditating on how My Shepherd MAKES me rest that He may restore my soul; He guides me to bring Him glory. I had NO need to fear with my Shepherd’s protection, comfort, provision, strength, goodness, and love ready by my side. Yes, very real trial ahead but I have a Shepherd who leads with unwavering love, wisdom, and power. I begged the Lord make my heart believe it! That day I felt Him commanding me to spend all day laying down resting in Him physically and spiritually. I chose not to fear the future duration of labor or the next night, for my Shepherd was with me to protect and comfort me.

Psalm 46, 121:1-4, 34:4-8, 131 All comforted me of the night battles… That He was my refuge and strength, He is in the midst of His people and thus they were immovable. The Lord of Hosts is on my side! He never sleeps or slumbers, but is able to keep me with unwavering focus and strength! He delivers us from all our fears as He was delivering me not from the trial yet, but daily delivering me bit by bit from my fear. He encamps around those who only fear God and they will never be ashamed!! Psalm 131 became a beautiful picture of me curled up on that couch praying night and day… I did not have anything to prove or show of how well I was handling this. I simply leaned upon my father like a weaned child leans upon his mother, wholly dependent, fully trusting, and confidently resting trust.

Psalm 33:16-19 was the verse I read every day even weeks before birth until she was born. It became a theme verse for me over the whole thing. “A king is not saved by a mighty army, a warrior is not delivered by great strength, a horse is a false hope for victory, nor does it deliver anyone by its great strength. Behold the eye of the Lord is upon those who fear Him, on those who hope for His loving kindness, to deliver their soul from death and to keep them alive in famine.” I would not be delivered through this childbirth by the “army”- the people who were going to be present to help me. I was not going to succeed by my “great strength”- I would not be rested physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually coming into active labor, but instead would enter it feeling empty with no personal strength to offer. I would not endure victoriously by the “horse”- labor tools like music or birth pool. The Lord kept telling me put no hope in the “birth plan” but hope in Him. His eye, His favor and watchful care, would be upon me because I fear God and hope in His love… Not because I did wonderfully. So I chose to daily fear God and obey, not to resist in pride or self trust. I chose to hope in His love no matter what happened. He can deliver us from death and famine, thus he could keep us safe and sustain us when we felt our weakest and were least able to do anything.

Psalm 139 and Isaiah 55:8-9 that He was not surprised about the 5 days of labor it took. He saw me in the darkness of night struggling alone and there was no place I could go from His Spirit! He was present with me and in full knowledge. I kept singing Kari Jobe’s song (I am not alone), especially the morning of June 28th, after my last and worst prodromal labor night. I spent all Tuesday just trying to stop focusing on labor and just relax. I stopped timing contractions and just enjoyed The Lord and family as much as I could. I even got a massage that afternoon and then really slept for the first time Tuesday night since the previous Friday! Hallelujah!  

Psalm 103:1-5 I added to my prayer cards when I woke Wednesday morning after having slept laying down without contractions for several hours!?!! I woke undone with tearful gratitude and refreshment! I just kept singing

“Bless the Lord oh my soul, oh my soul, worship his holy name, sing like never before oh my soul, worship his holy name. The sun comes up its a new day dawning. It’s time to sing your songs again. Whatever may pass and whatever lies before me, let me be singing when the evening comes…”

You know the rest. I felt deep within my soul the call of His Spirit to just bless His name today. I prayed that no matter what happened that His name would be blessed by me, my family, my church family praying with me… That this labor would unfold in a way that blesses His name. That’s all I wanted, no matter what the outcome. It was so freeing just to praise Him for Him. I read Psalm 103:1-5 and just kept repeating to myself how He has done all those things for me in Jesus! I thanked Him for everything I could think of in light of past struggles when He was faithful. He is so good. My goal that day was simple, to bless His name. When Audrey woke we talked over this, prayed through it, and sang together.

So after the prodromal labor finally broke overnight Tuesday we woke Wednesday (exactly 41 weeks) refreshed to only have a few mild contractions. I chose to not time or focus on them at all, just to get out and enjoy some family time! After a slow sweet morning in, we decided to go to Irving Bible Church to let the kids burn off some energy and then swing by Kohls to look for clothes for Colin. We all piled in the car, Colin and I, the kids, and his sweet mom (Janda) who had stayed with us for over a week now helping us (Praise God for Janda!!!). The ride to the church was so bumpy we were joking that maybe if we kept driving I’d go into labor. Lol. When we got to Irving Bible Church, the kids rushed in to play in the tubes. Peter tends to get scared so we decided to all play together in the kiddy part with him. I had a few contractions but just tried to relax and breathe through them like I had all week, as I sat on my knees on the floor.

While we were all talking happily, Janda slipped and slid down the ramp on her booty on accident and we all started laughing. My heart felt so glad for this lighthearted moment. Just then randomly Janet James (one of our worship pastors’ wife) walked in the door and as we were laughing and saying hi, all of a sudden my water broke. I wasn’t sure then I moved and it ALL came out! I was shocked and they all stared at me, wondering what was wrong. Much to my disbelief, I excitedly said, “My water just broke!” All week I had reassured everyone my water bags are thick and don’t break till I’m at a ten pushing, but here we were! We were so excited it was FINALLY go time! We retreated to the car leaving a trail of wet everywhere, wet flip-flops squelching, hearts rushing and faces beaming! (We did alert and apologize for the mess to IBC staff for the record.) I called my midwife and she told me to go home and stay home to avoid infection, that labor typically starts 12-24 hrs after water breaks, and to call her once contractions started to develop a pattern or get more intense. The whole drive home was surreal and giddy. We laughed, prayed, and told the kids we were going to meet baby Kate soon! Much to my surprise though, I had NO contractions now.

Once home, we tried to get everything ready thinking labor would set in any minute but still no action! We turned our music on, texted friends, fed the kids, cleaned up, I took a shower, and put on my labor clothes… but still just a stray weak contraction here and there. While I was thankful for the break, the fear started to set in. Is something wrong? What if contractions don’t come? Is she safe? Can we still do home-birth? At what point do we need to transfer to a hospital? I began a feverish text convo with my midwife pouring out all these fearful questions, and she of course responded with gentle honesty and calm confidence ( reason 100,000,000 why we picked Cheryl!). I could tell people were starting to get nervous, but her unwavering trust in God gave me firm ground to stand. My midwife explained that because my water broke I had to stay home inside, no chiropractor, no outdoor walking, no running, no to everything I could do to speed up labor! She explained that I had 24 hrs to start labor before she recommends transfer to hospital as extra precaution from infection, but reminded me to relax as only 5 hours had passed since my water broke.

So here I found myself yet again throwing out my plans…. there was no speeding labor up, only wholly dependent waiting. I could watch the clock and monitor every contraction with frantic control, or I figured we could put on a good movie like “While You Were Sleeping” and play some more Monopoly. I sat on the ball trying to breathe and give in to every contraction. I timed them but didn’t focus on it much. I knew my sense of time was way off so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going into labor unknowingly. We played for hours like we had every night it seems just to pass the time with laughter. The contractions finally started to take some focus so I paused when I had one but they were still 15-20 mins apart with a stray 8 min apart set. Same as usual I thought. I started mentally preparing that I might do another night of this junk even though I thought my water breaking meant that the prodromal business was DONE! In hindsight I can recall the contractions definitely got more intense as I would periodically stop to hunch over the couch or dresser as I swayed my body trying to give in to them, visualizing Kate finding her way down. Even so I knew part of my heart was clinging to fear unwilling to fully let go.

Around 8:30pm we got the kids to bed and I was growing fearful of the fact that I still had no progress in contractions developing a pattern or getting close together. So I called Cheryl again to ask her what to do, pausing off and on to embrace contractions. She explained my options to A) try to rest tonight and if we aren’t in labor by morning start naturally trying to induce at home OR B) she could come now and we could try to naturally induce tonight. She told me it just depended on what I felt like I could handle. In my mind I thought, “where is plan C? I can’t do either!!” I was afraid to rest and lose more time on the deadline before transfer to the hospital. I was afraid we’d get infected if I didn’t hurry and do something! I was afraid to have another miserable sleepless night of contractions only to come into the real thing more worn out. I was afraid to induce contractions since she said once she had a mom who ended up starting irregular contractions (more prodromal!!!) that lasted another 50-60hrs before progressive labor set in!!! I was emotionally flying off the rails in my heart! I was not in control and did not even feel competent to make this decision of what to do going forward. I was helpless, defeated, fearful, exhausted, and just paralyzed mentally. Cheryl could tell I was not okay, and yet again she spoke such needed truth into me, and assured me she was going to come and talk with me in person to see what we wanted to do. This comforted me so much since I couldn’t decide anything in this state of mind. She shared a story about one of her own births in which she stopped progressing when her best friend went into labor during her birth. Because she felt bad that they shared the same midwife she was unable to progress until mentally she let go of that. So in the most gentle but serious way possible she told me, “we are not going to get anywhere tonight or tomorrow if you are holding onto anything. If you are sad or mad at God, then you need to get it out before I get there. Talk to Him, cry, whatever you need to do to move on. He’s got this! Do not worry. He is in control.” 

Welp, hammer on the nail. She hit it dead on. I closed the door to my room and got on my knees by my bed and wept. Crying out to God in all my mess of emotion, I confessed my many fears, my anger that I had to do prodromal labor again with Kate, my confusion why He was delaying, my frustration of not having any control at all, etc. Then I began laying these down and letting go of each one in view of His character and His Word. At this point contractions seemed to almost stop completely!! I called Natalie and she prayed over me and told me to let go of the “birth plan.” The Lord was doing this His way. If that meant no music, no pictures, no ppl, no family moment, no personal success, no waterbirth , or even no homebirth … His plan was what He wanted, and His plans are best. I had Colin then come back and pray with me too. I told him everything Cheryl said and everything on my heart. There is something about your husband that just provides a safe place to fully let the walls down. I finally told him with tear filled eyes, ” I don’t want to do this. I am afraid. I have no way out. I am afraid to linger in prodromal but I am afraid to progress into the real labor. My heart just won’t!” I pointed out that I was literally shaking and shivering, telling him my body is just SO tired. He held me, spoke sweet truth over me, and prayed over me. Then, we laid together in the bed just trying to breathe emotionally before getting up to go forward. The contractions started again but I dismissed them assuming it was the same as earlier. As I lay on my side curled up holding a pillow like a child, Colin held me. Slowly the contractions rolled on. They felt intense again, so I timed them but tried to only look at the timer at the start of each one. Often I would quietly and feebly cry out “Lord help me!” “Please start labor, please Lord.” I would hear Colin agreeing tenderly in prayer “yes Lord, please.” Contractions were 7-10 mins apart, which was nothing new, but then I noticed these contraction were longer. The others were 30-45 seconds all these past 5 days, but these were 90-120 seconds long. I thought that was weird but dismissed it again. My phone rang and Cheryl called to say she was running late but her student intern was coming now to check my vitals and that she herself would be there in 40 mins hopefully. Even so, I was still so at ease knowing she was coming. Her coming presence was like promised help, security, and wisdom. My heart relaxed and just tried to focus through these contractions. They were painful but so had been my contractions every night, so again I just focused on pacing myself, and not fearing. My whole body was trembling like I was freezing when the intern Laquita came. Thankfully, all my and baby’s vitals were good, praise God! So she put a blanket on me and Colin held me as I just relaxed and waited for Cheryl to arrive.

Cheryl arrived between 10-10:30pm, I can’t remember exactly, but thank you Jesus! She spoke with such a calming motherly voice, stroking my arm, rubbing my legs as you do to your kids when they’re cold, and looked at me with that level headed loving way she does. She checked my vitals again, watched me do a few contractions and then asked, “So what are you thinking you want to do?” I just blubbered out again “I don’t know, I just don’t know.” She explained that I looked like I was having some significant contractions and might actually be in labor. She suggested that it might be good to check me to see if I’m dilating, BUT reminded me that if she did that, it would put bacteria in there and we could no longer wait indefinitely to go to the hospital. If she checked me, we’d need a baby in 12 hours or transfer. I was so afraid and didn’t know what to tell her, but she calmly gathered me and said, “I think to decide what to do, we need some information. We need to know where you’re at. If you’re at a two and this exhausted we need to know that or if your body shakes are a sign you’re in transition, we need to know that too, we simply need to know more to make a wise decision at this point for you and baby.” I nodded my head with tears that I agreed. She could read my fear right before she checked me and affirmed again, ” Mallory, don’t be afraid. We are not going to be afraid. If you’re at a two, that’s okay! That’s okay! He’s in control here.” As she was checking she began to smile and say, “Well momma, no wonder, you’re at a 6 almost 7.  You’re in transition honey. We’re going to have a baby tonight!”

Immediately I began crying in gratitude to the Lord, “Thank you Lord! Thank you Jesus! Thank you!” Over and over I said this in awe! I thought I was up for another long night or possibly several days only to find out it was almost time to push!?!! I couldn’t believe it. I reached to text Natalie and only got out some brief probably confusing text about being in transition and having a baby tonight. Colin asked me if I wanted to call people to come, but I knew this birth was imminent and unless they were less than 30 mins away they would not make it! I knew I wanted them here but was so disoriented as transition does to any laboring momma. I quickly moved on from this request; I just needed Colin to focus, I needed every second of his presence right now as contractions began to roll in back to back. Cheryl asked if I wanted Colin to go fill the birth pool, but I quickly dismissed that since I could tell we didn’t have 40 mins and I couldn’t let Colin leave me. Cheryl went to take a quick shower since she had been sweaty outside moving houses all day, while Laquita began setting everything up to deliver this baby in my room. The pressure was so intense I found myself already grunting to push!?! “Cheryl is in the shower!” I thought, “and I don’t even have the cover on my bed yet!!!” Just then Cheryl came in and told me I needed to breathe unless I wanted to ruin my bed. Lol. Kate was coming FAST and it was all hands on deck since our support midwife was still in route! Janda was rushing around bringing them supplies and they helped me slowly roll over like a whale, hastily shoving the mattress cover and sheet underneath me. There was no slowing this down, no getting in a squat position, or anything. Kate was coming! So laying on my side I started pushing her out! The pain is so unbearable yet at the same time it is intoxicating to surrender into that natural urge to push! After a few pushes out came baby’s head – I felt so much better. I tried to push her body out but her shoulders were resisting since Kate was refusing to fully rotate. So we pulled my leg back as far as I could to make space. Just like that, out she came on June 29th at 11:24pm, crying that comforting sweet newborn cry that signifies life! I kept crying in awe, “Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord!” An hour ago I didn’t know I was in labor and feared the worst, and now here I was DONE with labor holding my sweet Kate. She rested on my chest and I just tried to breathe and process what had happened!

I remembered, “A king is not saved by a mighty army, a warrior is not delivered by great strength, a horse is a false hope for victory, nor does it deliver anyone by its great strength. Behold the eye of the Lord is upon those who fear Him, on those who hope for His loving-kindness, to deliver their soul from death and to keep them alive in famine.” Yes, Lord indeed, this had been manifested true today! My plan for a successful birth had been thrown out for His plan, and no glory could be given to my friends, to the birth pool, to the music, to the chiropractor, to anything I did. All glory be to God who did what I could not, who started labor when I could do nothing but wait, who directed labor when I did not know what to do, who brought Kate forth when I met the end of myself. To God be the Glory forever and ever amen.

Wow. What a precious story of faith, pain, life, and the sweetness of God’s grace shining through the face of a new child. Thank you, Mallory for letting us experience all the ups and downs of labor and the glory of new life! If you need more birth stories, check out The Honest Truth page.  Thanks for reading and God bless!

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