A Birth Story: Three Kids Under An Ozark Roof

Our next birth story comes from a precious friend of mine that I met 12 years ago (kind of unbelievable). We were hall-mates our freshmen year of college and had no idea we would be life long friends. We happened to marry two men who were room-mates and good friends, as well.  

When we were young newly weds, the four of us day-dreamed of adventures in self-sufficient farming. We also wanted to test the conventional way of living one family to a household and decided to try communal living. (That may sound weird and hippy-ish, and maybe it was, but it was also a sweet and amazing experience) We traveled cross-country to make this day-dream a reality. For almost a year and a half, we lived in the same house whilst gardening (and shopping at the grocery store), and raising livestock like a young calf, chickens, pigs, and even a few goats.  Many a day was spent chasing any one of these creatures down the road on which we lived (we had a lot to learn). Both of our first born sons were born in that place that we so lovingly named The Ozark House.

This was taken soon after they had their first son. Our first wasn’t even on the way. My husband is jokingly holding a baby doll.

I even had the absolute pleasure of being in attendance at their son’s birth. I know that I would not have been so open to home-birth for my own children if I had not had this amazing privilege. It was a true gift to be a witness to the miracle of birth.

Kate has written a side by side look at all three of her pregnancies and births. It is full of all the fun and realistic details that make every birth so unique. Enjoy!

“I gave birth to three babies at home, in the same home actually, here in central Missouri, where we have chickens, a dairy cow, and a garden. That sounds picturesque and magical, but I assure you, it’s not. Just visit, and you’ll see that our lives only sound beautiful and ideal on a blog or in a book, but not in real life. In real life, there is a lot of poop and frustration. All three of my home births have been very similar- sounds dreamy and unattainable, but really, just a lot of poop and a lot of frustration. But my life and my births are also beautiful and magical and something that I would do again and again. I may be addicted to having babies. Our 3rd baby is not even one, and I’m already getting the hankering for another. I sat down to write down my birth experiences, and I was quickly reminded one important fact- I am a horrible writer. So I decided to share my births in a side by side comparison. Before giving birth, especially a home birth, it’s important to realize how different each experience can be. You have the be ready for anything! What an adventure!

Working hard in the birthing tub! All hands on deck.

Birth Number One

  • Pregnancy- great, worked out a lot, rested a lot, no morning sickness
  • Labor Started- 10 days “late”, 4am
  • Preliminary Labor (feels like gas cramps)- 12 hours
  • Active Labor- 12 hours
  • Total- 24 hours
  • Transition- hard work!
  • Water Broke- during pushing
  • Pushing Intensity- hard work, but did it just fine
  • Birth Time- 4am the next day
  • Ultrasound- none
  • Tearing- a tiny little bit, no stitches needed
  • Gender Reveal- found out after birth, BOY
  • Postpartum Blues- a lot! Pretty blue for several months
  • Breastfeeding- hard to figure out, bad latch, a lot of pain! It got better after about 6 weeks.
Sweet newborn cuddles and much needed rest with Baby #2.

Birth Number Two

  • Pregnancy- pretty good, tired 1st trimester, didn’t work out, but chased a toddler around, had a horrible sinus infection/ double ear infection around time of birth
  • Labor Started- one week “early” with water trickling, around noon
  • Preliminary Labor- no contractions, just waters slowing leaking
  • Active Labor- started at 8pm
  • Total- 8 hours
  • Transition- not as hard as 1st baby, but still some work, seemed to go by fast
  • Water Broke- before labor started
  • Pushing Intensity- easy peasy, baby just slipped out
  • Birth Time- around 4am the next day
  • Ultrasound- none
  • Tearing- none
  • Gender Reveal- found out after birth, GIRL!
  • Postpartum Blues- none, so happy afterwards! I remember crying one time, on day 10 postpartum
  • Breastfeeding- so much easier this time! She was a quick and efficient eater.
Squiggly mirrors make pregger selfies more fun and all belly with Baby #3!

Birth Number Three

  • Pregnancy- all I remember is having 2 kids and being really tired 1st trimester
  • Labor Started- 3am, about a month “late”, but not really. We were just off on our guess of “due date”
  • Preliminary Labor- 3ish hours
  • Active Labor- 9 hours
  • Total- 12ish hours
  • Transition- easy, didn’t even know I was all the way dilated when I was
  • Water Broke- midwife broke waters in pushing phase
  • Pushing Intensity- So, SO hard, worked so hard, ugh
  • Birth Time- early evening, before dark
  • Ultrasound- one, around 40 weeks because we were a little off on “due date”
  • Tearing- don’t remember, so I guess none
  • Gender Reveal- found out after birth, GIRL!
  • Postpartum Blues- I don’t recall, so I guess not much
  • Breastfeeding- really bad latch and a lot of pain initially, got better within a couple weeks and we are still nursing strong! She’s 10 months now.”

    Family complete…for now!


Thank you, Kate for writing about your birth experiences! If you missed last week’s birth story, here it is: A Birth Story: Oh Pamela!  And if you are so inclined, check out Our First Home-birth video, as well. It’s PG rated so you won’t see anything that will scar you for life. Thanks for reading and God bless!

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  1. Just wait until (if) you are writing bullet point birth stories of baby #4, #5, #6… 😂

    Love this & all those who have lived and loved in the Ozark House. ❤️

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