About Me

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetI am just a real-life mom with real life challenges, successes, and failures. My day to day consists of tending to my precious toddlers, running a functional household, and trying to accomplish all the miscellaneous tasks that are thrown on to my plate. Most days, I wear no make up and have some sort of wet spot on my shirt (fingers cross its just water!). I do not have an endless bank account and I do not have a five hour block of time every day for completing my many pins on pinterest. My work is not glamorous or lucrative.  But my work as a mother is precious, influential, and crucial to the ones I love, my family.

After getting married in 2007, my sweet husband and I wasted no time chasing after our dreams and our wildest adventures. From living overseas in the UK to living in Missouri with our best friends, we have finally settled back home in Texas to raise our family. We have worked so many different jobs as servers, as church youth workers, as attempting self-sufficient farmers, we have worked in retail, for a non-profit, and even owned a business.  We have lived in many different kinds of dwelling places from apartments in a complex or over a garage, with generous family members, in an English bungalow, in a rent house, to the recent purchase of our first home.  We have  traveled by plane, train, bus, and bicycle cross country and across town.

But our nomadic life-style began to slow down in 2012. The real journey began early that year when our first child was born. We have had many highs, a few lows, and learned a good deal of lessons along the way. After 9 years of marriage, 11 moves (no joke), 4 kids in a little over 5 years, I have learned how to be flexible and how to adapt in many different situations.  It seems like we tackle obstacles in very unconventional ways. But a good attitude goes a long way. And learning a well-needed lesson has tremendous value.  I certainly don’t know everything about parenting and children, as I am reminded with each new phase my kids enter.  Most days, I struggle to just keep my nostrils above water. But I recognize how blessed I am and I desire to deepen my understanding of motherhood. I want to embrace every facet of this all encompassing role so I can focus my heart on these sweet little souls that have been so graciously placed in my care.