Baking Day: Disaster or Success???

Hey ladies!

So my kids are always, ALWAYS, hungry. I feed them. I really really do but they never seem to be full. Today, I have had enough of it. I want to make some yummy, and not terribly bad for them, food so I won’t go to the store bought, processed stuff.  No more cereal in the morning (which they refuse to eat with milk in it. Another reason they don’t fill up), no more crackers or pretzels for snacks (maybe sometimes), and no more peanut butter sandwiches (I mean, maybe every other day) for lunch!  I need to change things up and stock my freezer on food to have handy when my growing babies start to get hangry.  I will attempt three recipes at the same time.  I may be insane, but I am about to go to the store with all four of them, come back to bake and make with their “help”. I may not live to tell the tale but hopefully something edible will come out of this madness. Lets see how this turns out! Fingers crossed and prayers said.

A couple hours later…

My adventure at the store

So… I get to Brookshire’s with all four kids in tow, and I head straight for the buggy with the two big kid seats in front of what would be a normal size buggy. I depend on this thing. In times past, I usually put Faye in the traditional baby seat, and Del and Pammy go in the big kid seats. Jenks has to walk. But this time as I am approaching the cart return area, I notice that one of the handicap carts (like a hover-round) is blocking the two abnormally sized buggies for which this shopping trip greatly depends upon! But I have come this far already and I shan’t be defeated. I make the three kids stand along the wall which actually has a little curb or single step up that they can stand on. Faye is in her usual place, on my hip. I sit in the handicap cart and reach for the reverse switch.  I stop suddenly, a chill of disgust slinks down my spine. Something gooey and cold is on the switch. I recoil my hand and look down to find a cloudy glob of cold snot that someone must have dripped before leaving it for me to discover.

Horror. Absolute horror.

I heaved a time or two, but tried to remain silent and calm.  I stood up to grab one of the disinfectant wipes. It was the single most disgusting moment of my life and I have slurped my own child’s drool right off of his chin (this was unintentional and a story for another day). I wiped my hand and then the switch.  I was on a mission and I couldn’t give up. I sat back down in the cart and proceeded to back it up so I could unblock my buggy.  But I have never been very good at operating motorized vehicles, especially in reverse. The cart jumped back and I turned it and some how pinned my sweet Delly against the wall. I immediately yelled, ” I am so sorry!” but hit him two more times as my hand was still on the reverse switch and my brain was elsewhere.

More horror.

He wasn’t hurt, thankfully. But, seriously, what a disaster. I realized I couldn’t accomplish this by myself so I had a worker move the handicap cart for me so I could finally strap my kids down in the massive buggy and go about my shopping adventure.

Finally, we were clicking along getting everything off our list. Everyone was in good spirits. We checked out, they loaded my groceries into my car while I unbuckled the kids from the buggy then re-strap them into their car seats while they munched on the free apples that Brookshire’s give to kids.

We get home, I turn a movie on for the children while I unload, unbag, and put away the groceries, leaving out the ingredients I need for my three recipes. I get out three big mixing bowls and label them with the names of my three recipes. Then, I get to mixing. My recipes are below.


Pizza Rolls: 

Pumpkin Bread

To make things a little more challenging, I decided to half the pumpkin bread recipe and double the pancake recipe.  The chances of these simultaneous recipes turning out right was getting smaller by the minute.  Not to mention the fact that I was woken up at least 5 times last night because sweet Pammy had a stuffy nose. I usually have my best and most ambitious ideas when I have had little sleep. Over the top eyeroll. When will I learn.

I used my own pizza dough recipe for the pizza rolls which is:

  • 1 cup of warm water
  • 3 tsp of yeast
  • 2 tbsp of olive oil
  • 1 tsp of salt
  • 1 tbsp of sugar
  • about 3 cups of flour

An hour or so later… (This time included two diaper changes, one bottle feeding, three tantrums, and three sweet helpers not helping very well but trying their hardest)

Well, I am happy to report that I suddenly have lots of yummy foods in the house! Everything miraculously turned out well! Success!  Hopefully everything will last until…the weekend. If I am lucky.  But I do feel quite accomplished as I sit her now utterly and completely exhausted. What a day, and its not even dinner time yet!

What do you feed your kiddos? I need more ideas to keep this crew happy and full. Hope ya’ll have a blessed day and thanks for reading!

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