Granny Square Love

I love to crochet. Pretty much every time I give someone a gift, it has been home-made. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. My friends and family are probably sick of all my crocheted creations.  But I absolutely love making things for people. The creation process allows me time to think about the receiver of the gift and all the reasons I love them.

Little Delly Belly laying on one big granny square blanket. He is so handsome.
Little Delly Belly laying on one big granny square blanket. He is so handsome.

Lately, I have had a bit of a block when it comes to creating. Our extended family has plenty of new babies in need of blankets, hats, and mittens. So many precious friends at church to whom I want to give. But my creativity hasn’t been flowing like normal. Its not a huge mystery though. Second trimester + three kids under 5 years old + typical mom responsibilities = exhaustion. I literally only have enough energy to stare at the TV and watch another season of Survivor with my husband after the kids go to bed. (We really really love Survivor. It never gets old. We have been flying through the seasons and are on this season right now!).

But I really miss crocheting.

After months of starting projects and soon dropping them because they did not interest me, I finally found a solution! Granny squares. They are simply the best. This solution came to me when I was watching an episode of Call the Midwife.

img_0817**I realize I have referenced television twice in this post thus far.  In case you are worried about how much screen time I have daily, I will have you know that I do enjoy reading as well. But its hard to snack and read at the same time.**

img_0812I digress. Back to Call the Midwife. It was the episode that Chummy was giving birth and had to be rushed to the hospital. The midwives and nuns stayed up all night crocheting granny squares (they call them blanket squares) for a bed spread for her. Some things went wrong during the birth so everyone prayed and thought of Chummy with every stitch of the blanket. It was so beautiful. So many mix-matched colors and squares of different styles all sewn together to bring comfort to a friend in need. Glorious.

Now, when I can’t think of anything to make, I just crank out some granny squares. There is a sense of completion with each one. And the possibilities are endless. Blankets, baby ponchos, pillows, coasters, and the list goes on!

I needed a throw pillow in my living room to give a littleimg_0819 pop of color. Granny squares saved the day! I am quite pleased with this little pillow. Though I do have  to pick it up off the floor after a stampede of children parade through the living room several times a day. But it’s still pretty, even on the floor.


As I make them, I will be posting pictures of my many crochet creations as well as other crafts on my Something from Nothing page. Thanks for reading!

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