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I have been thinking lately about how deeply blessed I am. Its so easy to let little things in life irritate us and make us concerned about stuff that has no real value. I am trying to really spend time and thoughts on individual people who have been blessings in my life. I don’t want to focus on the dirty floors or the endless dishes. Individuals are important.  I should keep my mind on positive things like giving thanks for all the sweet people who make me a better person just by knowing them. I often write about how precious and wonderful my three sweet babes are and how much joy they bring to my soul. But today, I am turning my attention to my sweet husband for whom I am most thankful.  I really hit the jackpot with this sweet man. He works so hard for his family and is intentional with his time with us so that we feel love and encouragement. To be honest, I just feel like bragging on him today. This post focuses mostly on one thing that he does quite well but I could write a thousand posts about him. Though I don’t think he would appreciate me telling the world about him in such detail.

My husband has always established a sense of teamwork in our household. I have my responsibilities and he has his. We work together to accomplish all the day-in and day-out tasks to keep our people and house functioning at top efficiency as well as toward well-defined goals. Of course, this isn’t always the case. We have mis-steps and selfish moments when we aren’t bringing our best selves to the table. But just having high targets has an incredible impact on our family. My husband takes the lead on trying to better himself each day to bless his family. But besides all the have-to-do’s that are apart of parenting, one thing that absolutely blows me away about my husband is that he takes time to think about what he can do to give our kids an enjoyable experience. Becoming a dad has made him search for ways that he can serve the little ones in our home.

My husband is a list maker. I don’t even bother making a honey-do list for him because he is always way ahead of me. He even makes honey-do lists for me! I don’t think that should be a two way street, but it is in our home. On almost all of his workshop project lists he has a few items that need repair, a couple of projects that will make our home more functional, and always something that he needs to build for our kids to enjoy. He is constantly researching cool or clever toys and playgrounds for our kids.

I love this about my husband. He loves our children as much as I do and wants to give to them. He actually listens and observes what our children care about. And they lose their minds every time he makes something for them! Its like he just knows what our kids will love best.

Here are some of the projects my handy-man husband has created for our kids:

The Balancing Beam:

My boys love this balancing beam! They balance on it, sit, battle each other to see who can knock each other off (yes, they get hurt sometimes), or color it with chalk.

Sweet brothers being brothers. How did we get so lucky with these two!?

And our precious girl! She used the balancing beam to steady herself as she learned to walk.

The Fort: This thing is seriously like a real life lincoln log structure. My boys will be perfectly content playing on this cool fort for hours.

They defend it against bad guys, enemies, and each other.

They can climb on it, around it, and inside it!

They can keep a watch on any approaching danger, little sisters, or cameras.

They can even sit on the top and have a good pout. Endless possibilities!

The See-Saw:

This simple idea has brought loads of enjoyment to our home. The boys love to sit and talk as they play.  Its also works as a moving balancing beam.

Pammy thinks it makes a great seat for her as she enjoys eating nature.

My kids always play with random things. I think this chip clip was used as a gun on this day. I don’t know why. We have a crate full of toy guns. None shaped like a blue chip clip, though…

She doesn’t always sit on the seat part. Such a rule breaker! But a cute rule breaker.

The Marble Race:


He even built a disc gold catcher! 

I don’t think my kids and I are fully aware how fortunate we are to have this sweet man in our lives. I am so thankful to our good Lord for placing him in my life.

For the record, even if my husband did not build cool things, I would still be thankful for him and love him, of course. But the fact that he wants to make our kids happy and spend time creating things for our kids to explore is just icing on the cake.

Who are you thankful for? Be sure and let them know how much you appreciate them! Thanks so much for reading and don’t forget to subscribe! Subscription form is located on the left sidebar.  God bless!

Below are a few pins that inspired my husband to build our backyard playscape!

Zig-Zag balance challenge #kids #backyard #playscapes:       Click here to see pin!Great climbing space:

Click here to see pin!

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