My Mother’s Day

I love mom jokes. Even if they aren’t that funny, I laugh my head off at the jokes because I can relate to all the stressful or unfunny situations moms find themselves in. All mom jokes, especially this imomsohard vid (and this one is also funny, I just watched it. hee hee), have hilariously sad truth in them.  The week leading up to Mother’s Day this year, I saw several memes and funny videos about how husbands tend to make a big deal about Mother’s Day but somehow it ends up making more work for the mom and usually leads to stressful situations.

But I decided that this common scenario was not going to happen to me this year. No matter what, I was going to be calm and relaxed and just enjoy the ones who call me “mom”.

This is how our day went:

My dreamy sleep was interrupted around 4am by the precious words, “Mom, I went poo poo!” excitedly screamed from the bathroom. Our Delly is newly potty trained and every bowel movement is a complete celebration. I wiped him and tucked him back into bed and I followed suit.

My husband had gone fishing with my brother-in-law at my in-laws lake house the night before. They had fished long into the night so my husband spent the night over there. I woke up around 5:45am to sweet Faye’s morning feeding cries.  As I dozed while nursing her, my husband came home and immediately started making me breakfast around 6 am. After finishing feeding Faye, I came into the kitchen where my husband had displayed my Mother’s Day gifts, a new plant (yay!) and a few beautiful pots to soon house some of my plants who currently were dwelling in ugly, cheap pots. The day was off to a great start.

I inhaled the breakfast (nursing makes me eat like a teenager) an began getting ready for the kids to get up. My husband wanted to lay down for a nap since he was up so late. As he slept, the rest of the crew awakened and I passed out bananas and cups of milk to everyone. This is our usual first phase of breakfast which is followed later by something more substantial.

I sat with my kids and enjoyed just being in their presence. They were excited about my mother’s day gifts and everyone was full of smiles.  The time for church was approaching but since my husband wasn’t up yet, I figured we would just miss the 9:30am service and go to the 11am. No reason to rush or hurry. Just enjoy the kids, I thought.

My husband woke up a few minutes after 9am. He held the baby for a little bit and played with Pammy.

“Let’s go to church this morning,” he said.

“Okay, but its already after 9am right now and none of us are dressed so I figured we would just go to the 11am.” I replied.

“But that will throw our day off. Let’s go now. Is that okay?” he urged.

Deep breath. I am not going to get caught up in a panic to rush around. “Okay that sounds great. I prefer going to the 9:30 service, too. Can you dress the kids? I am going to throw some clothes on.”

And that is just what I did. I put on a comfortable dress (and didn’t allow myself to second guess my clothing choice), wiped my face with a wash cloth (no time for make up though I don’t usually wear much anyway), grabbed the kids bags, shoved some diapers into a couple and some fresh underwear in the others and went to the car. It doesn’t matter what I look like, I thought. No one is going to be looking that closely at me. And I am smothered with kids so if they do noticed that it looks like I just rolled out of bed they will figure I had a hard morning getting the kids out the door. I am not going to worry about it.

I got in the car and looked in the mirror for the first time that morning. Ehhh, not my greatest just-rolled-out-of-bed look but there’s no turning back now!  Some days I wear sleep deprivation better than other days. This was an other day. But I had already decided not to sweat the small things and just enjoy the day of getting to be a mother to my sweet kids. I am not going to snap at anyone or be a butthead because I don’t feel like I look my best. It doesn’t matter anyway. So I closed the mirror and quickly braided my hair into a side braid, hoping for a Katniss Everdeen look. It fell short.

We arrived to a crowded church, checked all four kids into the nursery, and headed to find a seat in the dimly lit sanctuary.

After one song, one of the pastors got up and said something sweet about mothers and then he announced that he was going to give a gift to the mom who has the youngest child in the service and to the mom who has the oldest.

The hair on the back of my neck stood up.

“If you have a kid who is a year or younger, please stand up.” he said with a huge smile on his face, like he knew what he was about to make me do.

I sat. My husband smiled and nudge me, “That’s you” he whispered sweetly in my ear.  I smiled back and looked around. No one else was standing in the whole room. Then I looked at the woman sitting two seats over from me as she held her 9 or 10 month old. She stood up. And, reluctantly, so did I.

The pastor then said “Okay, who has a baby younger than 6 months old?”

The lady next to me sat down. All eyes were upon me. The spot light seemed much brighter than normal as it high-lighted all the things I was sure were wrong with my appearance but was afraid to look down to examine.

Is my dress tucked into my leggings? Is my hair sticking straight up? Why didn’t I take five minutes to fix my face before I left the house? Did Pammy wipe her runny nose on me somewhere? I was suppose to just blend in and not be seen today!

Everyone was clapping. I don’t even remember if I forced a smile to everyone. I was mortified.

But they gave me a cool succulent in a magnetic pot for the fridge. I love plants and I love winning things so that helped ease my embarrassment.

On the drive home, I smiled and couldn’t believe that of all the days, I had to stand in front of a church congregation of strangers (we are new to this church) on a day I decided not to care about how I looked. Isn’t that how it always is? My husband asked why I was smiling and I briefly described my feelings.

“But you look so beautiful today.” he replied.

That man is the sweetest.  He truly is the best one. So glad I am his wife and mother to our kids. It was a wonderful and eventful Mother’s Day.

Thanks for reading! How was your Mother’s Day? Check out my other Mommy Mishaps if you need a morale booster. My pain is your gain.

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