Where did you get a raisin?

Disclaimer: If you are a good bit squeamish, this may not be the post for you. I don't go into great detail, but the idea is pretty clear.

As a general rule, we do not like putting our children in situations that are either not kid-friendly and/or incredibly stressful for my husband and I. Traveling falls into both of these categories. The furthest we have every driven with our children was five hours and we had multiple breaks along the way. Every break lasted about an hour so the kids could stretch their legs and wear themselves out. But car rides can be hard even if there isn’t any screaming. Usually we have a two hour limit before things start to go south in a hurry.

This past summer, we decided to break our rule and visit our friends in Missouri.  Since we moved to Texas from Missouri four years ago, we haven’t been back to see them. So we were looking at a 9 hour trip with a 4 year old, 2 year old, and an almost 1 year old.  But all three kids had been doing better in the car, so we thought we could make this trip happen.

As we made our way to Missouri, surprisingly, everything was going great. We couldn’t have asked for an easier traveling day from the weather to our kids’ calm attitudes. I sat in the back with the kiddos, handing out snacks and telling funny stories. It was wonderful. Everything seemed to be going off without a hitch.


But things started to take a little turn. We were only 45 minutes away from our destination, and all three of them were getting antsy and irritable.  It was clear that we had to take one more break before we reached our friends’ house. We pulled over to McDonald’s so the kids could play a bit and go to the bathroom/change diapers. Walking into the restaurant, I realized that Pammy, my precious 1 year old, needed said diaper change.  Luckily, McDee’s had one of those one room family restrooms right in the play area. I hate being cramped in a public bathroom, trying to change a diapers as other ladies squeeze past me to get to the stalls. This bathroom gave me the space and privacy I needed to change a diaper. Of course, it wasn’t the cleanest but what public restroom meets a mother’s standards?  I wasn’t too worried about it, though. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel of our long trip. I also have a pretty good system in public restrooms so that my child isn’t touching gross things the whole time, diaper bag isn’t ever placed on the floor, etc.  Or so I thought…

dscf1382This situation proved to be quite challenging.  Pamela was mad that she had to have her diaper changed while she could hear the kids screaming and playing in the next room. She was twisting, turning, arching her back, and making it almost impossible to change her.  And, of course, the air conditioning was not working in that little bathroom. So I was trapped with the wonderful smell of public restroom plus my kid’s dirty diaper, absolutely no air flow, and the added stress of keeping my little gymnast on the changing table and away from anything disgusting. As I started the changing process, I just wiped down her bottom with the front of the old diaper (as you do) and used it to cover “the dirties” so I didn’t have to look at it. *Do not forget that she is still twisting, flailing her arms, and kicking her legs through every moment of this change.*  Pretty much everything had a little “Pamela” on it (if that is the best way to put it), including myself. I will spare you the nitty gritty details.

Finally, she laid still so I could actually clean her with the wipies.  At this point, I dscf1434was on the verge of desperation for clean air from the staleness of my tiny prison.  But Pamela let me clean her all up and was suddenly being so sweet. In fact, she was a little too content.  I was about to extract the old diaper that was folded under her bottom, so I could replace it with the new, clean one. As I am about to make this switch, I look at my precious daughter’s face to find an answer to her sudden docile demeanor. When I realized she was chewing on something…

I froze with horror.

I was thinking she must have pulled gum off the wall or maybe she peeled a label off of the changing table. gross, Gross, GROSS!  Without hesitating, I stuck my finger in her mouth to retrieve the sure-to-be disgusting item.

“Where did you get a raisin?” I hear myself ask her as I gazed at the gooey dehydrated fruit perched on the tip of my index finger.

And then it hit me.

I had been giving Pamela raisins on the trip. She was scarfing them down, happily as we drove.

Fearing the worst, I slightly lifted the front of Pammy’s diaper that I had not yet rolled up and thrown away. The very, same diaper I did not want to view only a minute or so earlier, I was now peering inside. My breath left my body.  Panic started to grip my chest. I stared at it, unable to do anything but hold my daughter still on the changing table.

It was full of re-hydrated raisins.


What has your kid eaten that made your stomach turn? Please, don’t let me be the only one who has lived this horror! Leave a comment below and we can comfort each other. Check out my other Mommy Mishaps.

2 Replies to “Where did you get a raisin?”

  1. Bahahaha!!!! oh Adrienne! That is hysterical. And terrifying. And gross. 😂😂😂 Sweet Pammy. Cannot. Stop. Laughing. This blog was a great idea. Haha. You always make me laugh anyway, now I get to experience your stories even when I don’t see you. SCORE!!! 😜 Love you friend!

    1. Yes, it was all those things. So glad you got a good laugh. Hopefully you never experience this with your little guy… but I am fairly certain you will have a similar story to tell one day. Thanks so much for the sweet words, friend! God bless!

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