“Go out more, keep cheerful as well as busy, for you are the sunshine-maker of the family, and if you get dismal there is no fair weather.”

~Louisa May Alcott

Welcome to The Sunshine Maker! If you are not familiar with the quote above, it comes from the novel, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. One of these “little women”, Meg, is a new mom with young twins and is overwhelmed in all the familiar and relatable ways moms are today. Her sweet mother offers these words of encouragement.  I read this book just a few years ago and immediately wished I had read it sooner.  At the time, I was in complete baby survival mode. My goal was to simply get through one more day with both my young boys still breathing. If I managed to finished any chores, that was only a bonus. The impact of this quote was enormous. I felt like I had an opportunity to re-focus on my true calling, Motherhood. I did not want to merely survive, but to thrive as a mother and build an atmosphere where my family could flourish as well.

If you are a new mother, an overwhelmed parent, or someone looking for anything to cling to in order to survive this phase of life, BE ENCOURAGED! You have been trusted with the privilege of bringing up the most precious creatures on the planet, your children.

It is a huge job and an even bigger responsibility, but that does not mean it has to be all doom and gloom. I want to support you wherever you are on this journey. Check out my Tips and Tidbits for things that I have tried out and what I have learned.  The Honest Truth posts are about all the things of motherhood and pregnancy that may not be the most glamorous of topics. These posts will give some answers to the embarrassing question of “Is this normal?”.  In Thoughts and Reveries, you will find what is really going on in my head at the moment.  Current struggles with no answers and my attempts at goals that have yet to be reached. Something from Nothing is my space to post crafts and projects I am working on.  Lastly, if you are just having a day where you feel like the worst mother ever, check out my Mommy Mishaps. As I bear all and tell you about how quickly things can go wrong in my house, you will surely feel better about yourself, at my expense, of course.

 I am still at the beginning of this crazy journey and have so much to learn.  For our own sanity and for our precious families, let’s learn together as we go along becoming true Sunshine Makers.